At Healthy Times, we pride ourselves on using premium ingredients in our products. Humboldt Creamery, Fortuna (California). Meanwhile, Titus has filed a motion for a summary judgment in Humboldt County Superior Court which will be heard on September 9. Humboldt County is one of the most pristine places on the earth for grazing dairy cows and our company has a long history of making organic dairy products. Did the former chief financial officer for Humboldt Creamery know that business was sour? In May of 2011, The Enterprise contacted CoBank for comment on the independent auditor’s report done by Dopkins & Company, LLC. Box 1066, Ferndale CA 95536 (all mail, please) • 207 Francis St. (no mail, please) • 707-786-3068 • fax 707-786-4311 •, Member, California Newspaper Publishers Association, National Newspaper Association, Humboldt County Fair Association board looking for $150,000 from community, Hindley is mayor; Ostler and Lund to join council. Photos by Vito Palmisano for Dairy Foods. Titus defended his action, stating that it was a rare occurrence and was usually used to cover checks just for one day. In addition, Humboldt Creamery offers a variety of food service products, such as cheese, salad dressings, sour cream, butter and margarine. And shoppers nationwide will now have the opportunity to sample the sweetness at America’s most popular and least loved grocery retailer, Walmart. “We’re excited to begin offering super-premium organic ice cream products to consumers across the nation through our national deal with Walmart,” said CEO Frank Otis. Ghilarducci, meanwhile, has no insurance coverage, since the the Philadelphia Insurance policy dropped him because of his guilty plea — considered uninsurable “intentional conduct.”. This photo gallery contains additional, unpublished photos of dairy processing facilities featured in Dairy Foods magazine. Humboldt Creamery is a certified organic creamery in Humboldt County, California. Jan 30, 2020 - Delicious Humboldt Creamery recipes — made with organic milk, butter, cream, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and more. Humboldt Creamery. “There’s no reason to issue a press release in the middle of litigation, except to get an upper hand or to malign someone.”. Titus wants a judge to rule that the lawsuit filed by the federal bankruptcy trustee on behalf of creamery creditors does not need to go to trial since he performed his job “honestly” for the creamery with continuous positive performance reviews. 371 were here. Titus’s lawyers, however, say they’re not willing to settle when their client has done no wrong and is now being maligned. There cows feed on fresh, lush grass and eat, and are treated to sunny weather… This is where dairy should come from. “In fact, the creamery was on the verge of going out of business and insolvent.”. They want high quality dairy products that are organic, clean and delicious. Noteholders say so; former CFO’s attorney resisting settlement to defend his client against allegations that he knew creamery business was in jeopardy, From June 20, 2013, print edition of The Ferndale Enterprise. Founded in 1929 and owned by the Foster family since 2009, Humboldt Creamery, based in Fortuna, California, produces a variety of premium organic dairy products using cows’ milk from our family-owned farms in Humboldt County. “Even after the 2008 bank audit, CoBank continued to push the securities offering,” said Watson. © 2020 Lost Coast Communications Contact: Steve and Malia dancing at Redwood Raks (Humboldt Creamery) May 12,2008 Ultimately, Humboldt Creamery defaulted on its loan, causing a loss of between $7 to $20 million. Client: Humboldt Creamery Website Shot on location in beautiful Humboldt County, we produced this charming video to introduce the Creamery's new rebranded… They say Titus is an innocent man who just took orders from his boss, a CEO who eventually pled guilty to bank fraud and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison. Humboldt Creamery | 181 følgere på LinkedIn | Our history is rich, but our philosophy is simple: Cows are meant to graze. . “From all indication, the insurance company has already paid a very large sum,” said Hamer. containers at an affordable price, making this a delicious treat for families, just in time for the spring and summer months ahead. “Throughout my employment with the Humboldt Creamery Association, and Humboldt Creamery, LLC, before Ghilarducci’s resignation in 2009, Ghilarducci controlled the financials∆1,” writes Titus in his motion. And Humboldt County provides an exceptional home to our cows. Humboldt Creamery, Fortuna, California. That quality begins with a distinctive sense of place that is unlike anywhere else. ” stated Arcata attorney Chris Hamer, who said her clients invested in the creamery, some just weeks before Ghilarducci left town overnight warning against possible financial irregularities in the creamery’s books, believing the creamery to be “an incredible local success story, with sales expanding both nationally and internationally. Hamer said “discovery is continuing” as to the possible liability of CoBank. Humboldt Creamery is a certified organic creamery in Humboldt County, California. “The longer the lawsuit goes, the less money there will be available to pay the four couples when they go to trial . Titus in his deposition, repeatedly states that he never made assurances to potential investors, never questioned figures given to him by his boss and did not actively solicit investors. Humboldt Creamery announces its foray into the national dairy market with the launch of its first national product offering, a line of super-premium organic ice cream to be offered at more than 3,000 Walmart stores across the country. When asked why Hamer issued the press release, she said that the “wasting policy” is a “huge issue” and that Tony Titus himself may not be aware of it. Now, with one unsuccessful mediation session between the eight investors, who are out a combined $1 million, and Titus’s attorney, the investors’ attorney is claiming that Titus’s legal counsel is unwilling to settle the case and is eating up insurance money which could leave investors even more in the hole and expose Titus to a paying any judgement out of his own pockets. The former accountant of the creamery, Fortuna’s Frank Gloeggler, recently settled with the trustee and eight investors, paying out almost all of the accountant’s $1 million insurance coverage. Hamer says she doesn’t know how much Titus’s legal counsel has racked up in bills. Seven years after nearly collapsing from a financial mismanagement scandal, Humboldt Creamery is ready to go national, courtesy of a deal between Foster Farms and Walmart. The launch of our ice cream line in Walmart represents just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for us.”. After 80 years as a small-town agricultural cooperative, Humboldt Creamery was forced into bankruptcy in 2009 after then-CEO Rich Ghilarducci was found to have cooked the books. Humboldt Creamery, Fortuna, California. Investors in the creamery, as well as the federal bankruptcy court liquidating trustee, are suing former CFO Tony Titus and CEO Rich Ghilarducci in an attempt to access their $2 million professional liability insurance. For those lucky and special people that live in Humboldt :)) I just learned, like a silly late kid, that the Creamery was sold out after pretty much dieing with financials.and now it is owned by Farmers Dairy, or something like that. She questioned the Ferndale resident extensively about his use of a personal line of credit to cover cash flow several times at the creamery, as did Ghilarducci. The line initially includes five organic flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and mint chip. Bankruptcy was filed two months later, resulting in the sale of assets of the Humboldt Creamery at auction on August 27, 2009, to Foster Farms Dairy for $19.25 million. Humboldt Creamery is a certified organic creamery in Humboldt County, California. “I was never hired to, nor was I ever a part of the core group working with Ghilarducci on creamery financial statements during my employment.” Titus notes that the bankruptcy court approved the hiring of him to help guide the creamery through the summer of 2009 before it was auctioned off and bought by Foster Farms Dairy. ), P.O. 30K likes. But it’s still producing dairy products from the happy cows here in the bovine paradise of Humboldt County. Hamer said Titus’s attorneys have made no settlement offers and have “rejected all settlement proposals made to them.” She said no additional mediation has been scheduled. The co-op’s assets were sold at auction to Foster Farms Dairy, and while the Humboldt Creamery name and labeling survived, the creamery itself was subsumed into Foster Farms subsidiary Crystal. Meanwhile, in response to Hamer’s allegations Titus’s attorney, Eureka’s Steve Watson, released to The Enterprise hundreds of pages of depositions his client was part of during three days in January. “Throughout my employment with the Humboldt Creamery Association, and Humboldt Creamery, LLC, before Ghilarducci’s resignation in 2009, Ghilarducci controlled the financials∆1,” writes Titus in his motion. Our goal is to make Humboldt Creamery one of the leading organic dairy producers in the U.S. At Humboldt Creamery, we have been creating wholesome and delicious dairy products for over 85 years. That's why we source the organic cream in our Organic Toddler Formula from Humboldt Creamery. See more ideas about Creamery, Recipes, Delicious. “We believe this is contradicted by evidence that his pattern and practice was just the opposite: He always described the creamery’s financial health in glowing and positive terms.”, “My client did nothing wrong and we want to be able to prove his case,” said Watson when asked why he has not offered to settle. “The risks were stated, which each plaintiff chose to accept,” said Watson, who argues that two of the plaintiffs were “sophisticated investors” and that Jerome Davis was on the creamery board during a time of expansion. A federal judge has sentenced Humboldt Creamery's former chief executive to 2.5 years in prison after he admitted covering up severe financial problems that bankrupted the business. « Arcata to Require Sewage Pipe Inspections When Selling Older Properties, High Above the Streets of Arcata on a Beautiful March Day, Fixing a 99-Year-Old Bell Tower ». Every dollar the insurance company pays to the attorneys defending Titus and Ghilarducci reduces the money available to pay any settlement of judgement to the plaintiffs. Those are the $2 million questions in the ongoing civil lawsuit against two former executives of the now defunct creamery cooperative and LLC. This is where dairy should come from. For Humboldt Creamery, quality and consistency build the foundation for success. Humboldt Creamery, the storied local dairy collective that was purchased by Foster Farms-owned Crystal Creamery after a 2009 fraud scandal, will stop processing fluid milk at its Fernbridge factory. [3] [4] [5] The former CEO pleaded guilty to changing the values of the Creamery's receivables and … Organic certification ensures that every item produced by Humboldt Creamery is from cows that have grazed on organic pastures free of pesticides, have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics and are fed from non-GMO feed sources. . Ghilarducci pleaded guilty last year to a … “Titus had no reason to believe he (Ghilarducci) wasn’t honest,” said Watson. The judge also ordered 50-year-old Rich Ghilarducci to pay a $7 million fine. 30 mil Me gusta. An independent accountant’s report, commissioned by CoBank, in July of 2008 expressed concern with the creamery’s high debt, financial reporting system and insisted the company change auditors and bring in a new management consulting firm before a line of credit was extended. While the suing investors’ attorney describes the lost $1 million as “loans” that her clients — Linda Nicholson, Tom Adam, Silverio and Sandra Fernandes, Jerome and Barbara Davis and Rick and Rebecca Santos — made to the creamery (“They received promissory notes, evidencing their loans, as a lender receives with any other loan,” said Hamer), Watson said investments were described as “high risk. This is where dairy should come from. He did admit, states Hamer, that he knew the creamery was not bringing in enough revenue to cover its short-term or long-term expenses and that the creamery was only able to continue operating by not paying a major debt owed to its co-partner, Dairy Farmers of America and by using up a line of credit and a term loan. . Watson said his client was never a “financial advisor.” Hamer, however, throughout the deposition of Titus alleges that the CFO knew the financial picture of the creamery wasn’t bright, despite Ghilarducci-issued press releases. “Unfortunately, all of this turned out to be false,” said Hamer in a press release she sent to The Enterprise recently. “Our customers share our values. The ice cream will be sold in 1.25 Qt. (Disclosure: The Enterprise publisher/editor is related to Tony Titus by marriage. The several-inches high stack of sworn testimony include dozens of exhibits and the creamery’s confidential psychological evaluation of Titus, describing the former CFO as a friendly and easy-going person with solid accounting skills “yet lacking in assertiveness and slow to confront or hold others accountable.” Watson states his client only took direction from Ghilarducci and Gloeggler and relied on audits “which he thought were competently completed.” The blame, suggests Watson, rests with the creamery’s major lender, CoBank, which suffered in excess of a $50 million loss when the creamery declared bankruptcy two months after Ghilarducci left town in February of 2009. Seven years after nearly collapsing from a financial mismanagement scandal, Humboldt Creamery is ready to go national, courtesy of a deal between Foster Farms and … Humboldt County is a special part of California, where folks enjoy a simple and laid-back lifestyle and strive to take care of one another. “Before Ghilarducci’s resignation in 2009,” states Titus, “I believed Ghilarducci to be honest.”. Humboldt Creamery is a certified organic creamery in Humboldt County, California. “Our mission through this new product launch is to make organic ice cream accessible to a wider variety of consumers. There are no shortcuts in making great tasting dairy products. Humboldt Creamery s milk powders are used for infant formulas and cheese and candy manufacturing. And if so, did he have a responsibility to tell creamery investors? Its organic ice cream brand is available nationwide thanks to a deal with Walmart. And we do it in much the same way as we have for more than 90 years – working hand in hand with the natural environment and the near-perfect climate, as well as the many dairy families that help us … Our certified organic products are the result of more than 85 years of sustainable farming practices, a deep respect for the health and welfare of our cows, and a commitment to quality in everything we do. The bank had none. The creamery was roiled by a bizarre accounting fraud scandal in 2009, during which its former CEO fled to Arizona after his supply of false financial statements to … In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with that,” says Dennis Roberts, VP of Sales. Our products include fluid milk, ice cream, butter, cottage cheese and sour cream. When contacted via email, Titus told The Enterprise he was aware of the nature of his insurance policy. “This is simply not credible,” stated Hamer. Humboldt Creamery is flying high. Organic powders are popular with food processors and confectioners. Titus’s attorney said that the creamery board put its trust “in someone obviously they shouldn’t have,” referring to Ghilarducci. In the press release, Hamer states that the money her clients could possible recover “is rapidly disappearing.” The Philadelphia Insurance policy is what is known as “cannibalizing,” “self-liquidating” or a “wasting” policy.
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