This command will make a rectangle in AutoCAD. By Bill Fane, David Byrnes . After the selection of the command, AutoCAD will ask for a ‘select object’. Excerpt from SofTutor's Teacher inside of AutoCAD 2D product. The TRIM and EXTEND commands in the new version of AutoCAD Electrical have a new workflow. The steps to set the limits are listed below: Open the AutoCAD software. So, depending on the size of the drawing that you want to make in your AutoCAD file, you can set the limits and then these settings can be used wherever needed. How to make (create) a frame A4 and a stamp in the AutoCAD drawing to - practice pruning / trimming lines in AutoCAD. At one specific part of the yard I want the fence to be 2.0 m high. There is no prompt to select a cutting border or extension edge for the operation. Here is how to use ZOOM Extents command in AutoCAD. AutoCad :: Extend Two Lines Until They Intersect? AutoCAD LT :: Trim / Fillet And Extend System Variables Keep Changing, AutoCAD 2010 :: Trim Settings - Earlier Result, AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Extend Red Peg. The vertical line is extended, and AutoCAD prompts you again to Select object to extend or shift-select to trim or. Select objects or