In our first few years in the sport it’s all about learning how to do things better. Using a pull buoy, swim 100-meters using only your arms. How it works: For these swim workouts, swim freestyle and use your rate of perceived exertion (RPE, or how hard the workout feels on a scale of 1 to 10) where indicated. Having a strong build to the BR leg of the race really sets up a big finish in free. Dive bombs (streamline jumps) right into racing in and out of the walls. The kids are very comfortable with this weekly format. About Swimming Workouts . There is nothing special about these swim practice sessions other than what you bring to them. In terms of raw effort, I am not sure this one can be beat. Began coaching in 1978, at age 18 and have never looked back! They are all between 2,000 and 3,000 yards and take about an hour to complete. This high-intensity interval workout from Russell will get your … Outrageous. 4. Purpose: Emphasize efficient technique with low-intensity, purposeful drills. Make sure you have signed up for our weekly e-mail to keep up with the best and most interesting workouts and much, much more from the Swimming Wizard blog, delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday morning. We focused on long-axis efficiency and finished with an emphasis on underwater kicking. For the 1:00 vertical kick and rotate, we were flutter kicking with our arms folded across our chest, performing a 90 degree rotation about every 5 seconds accompanied by my demonstration. The 50 frees were on, Age Group Tempo Trainer Speed Set with Makos, Age Group Aerobic & Speed with Coach Anzano, sign up to receive future issues for FREE, 9-12 LCM Age Group Workout with Mason Makos, Champs Prep with Kyle Lippiatt of East Coast Aquatic Team, Age Group Championship Prep Main Set with the Makos, Awesome Age Group Workout with Coach Gordon Brown, Age Group Quality IM with Coach Mike Cook, Age Group Drill and IM Practice with Mike Cook, Age Group Kick Set with Coach Josh Sinclair, Age Group Breaststroke Set with Caradon Swim Club, 30 minute Max Work/Max Speed set for age groupers, 14 & Un Workout to Prep For BIG IM Saturday, orkouts, sets, and training ideas are always welcome at, New Year's Eve with the Charlottetown Bluephins, Christmas Tree Set from Coach Kevin Harrod, Red Light Green Light with Coach Brad Herndon, New Year’s Eve with the Charlottetown Bluephins. Challenged all the swimmers. Begin with an easy 200-meter warmup followed by 350 meters in any stroke. Workout. Do you sometimes need an idea for practice? Check out the archives here to see what you’ve missed or you can sign up here. That said, this obviously is more for children even younger than 8-11 but we have new kids in our sport at every age almost every day and this principle applies at any age. Texas 25 = push off and streamline underwater kick to the black line, flip, 4 underwater kicks, sprint back to the wall, turn, 4 underwater kicks and sprint to the opposite end. A few guidelines: Mat Luebbers is head coach and program director for the Marine Corps Community Services' Okinawa Dolphins Swim Team in Japan. Coach Gordon Brown, Head Age Group Coach, Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut. Young swimmers can benefit from conditioning to improve endurance and technique, but they should not be worked too hard. If the Swimming Wizard has provided value to you and you have the means, donations are gratefully accepted via PayPal and Venmo. Check out the archives here to see what you’ve missed or you can sign up here. One of the goals of the workout is to mix up the efforts quite a bit. And never skip the loosen at the end of the workout. You can read it here, check out the archives, and sign up to receive future issues for FREE. Notify me of new posts by email. The next issue of “the wake-up swim” is coming soon. Each swim performed under that time counts as a point for the group. Another issue of “the wake-up swim” was published today. Stop the workout if you are too tired and go for it again in the future. Cyphers has printed all of them … Big focus on the first IM & UW FL kick set is replicating the feeling of a 200 IM with 25’s of race plan swims mixed with 25’s UW FL K. We talked about some of the key transitions in the IM before we began the set. They really enjoyed the “medal” aspect of the set and were definitely going after it! Here is a great set that I did with my advanced 11-14yr olds the other night. We finished up the day with a Max VO2 set they will do about every 3 weeks. Editor’s note: This post was originally published on this blog in November 2012. Another reason to use age group swimming is to ensure that swimmers receive training appropriate to their age. issue #51 of “the wake-up swim” came out last week. This is why we started with BK swim into UW kick. “Isolate” set on kick portion is on a board. • 3. We talked about breaststroke being the make or break part of an IM. All … For example, 6 x 100 (:30 means you are to swim a 100 (yards or meters), rest 30-seconds, then repeat five more times. Normally the amount of rest per swim will limit your top-end speed on a workout, but that does not mean go as fast as you can all of the time. When they get into backstroke, they need to establish their tempo and make sure they have a great wall leading into breaststroke. Short Course Yards: This is for all distances swum in a 25 yard pool, which is the standard short course for most of the USA, its age group programs, and its collegiate swimming conferences. The early parts of a workout should always be easy to moderate and very deliberate. When elite swimmers are completing 20 hours per week of swimming it is unlikely that trying to mimic what is being done in the pool for an extra 2/3 hours per week will make a significant performance improvement. For example, we begin with a 25 UW simulating what they will do off their start and how they should focus on holding their rhythm in butterfly to finish the 50. I included a description of what we talked about prior to each set. We had an 8pm finish with meet warmups at 7am the next morning. Print out a list of your group’s best 100 times prior to the start of the season or after the first meet and post it to the wall. As with all age-group swimming, this type of training should be conducted with conscious control of stroke rate and stroke distance. The Butterfly “Cycle” drill is simple in concept, but difficult to do consistently for many age groupers. Our tri club is doing a "fun" swim day tomorrow, and I'm looking for ideas on fun swim games, relays, and drills we could do. The drill helps an athlete learn the proper rhythm of fly — plus it trains them to finish each length on a full fly stroke and start each length with a certain amount of kicks off the wall. The race options "1500/1650", "800,1000", and "400/500" are separate standards of essentially the same race. Need a plan to get started? Related: Should distance swimmers lift weights, free taper workouts for swimming. So adjust turnaround times to suit your swimmers capabilities or where they are in their training programme…, 4 x 25 BR/S Descend 1 – 4 to sprint speed on 45, 4 x 50 BR/S Descend 1 – 4 to sprint speed on 1.30, 4 x 75 BR/S Descend 1 – 4 to sprint speed on 2.15, 4 x 50 BR/S Descend 1 – 4 to sprint speed on 1.30, 4 x 25 BR/S Descend 1 – 4 to sprint speed on 45. Below is a Breaststroke set I ran this evening with my age group swimmers – although I think age group is different in the US, so 11 – 14 year olds. When you want to PLAY, PLAY. Head Coach Age Group Swim Workouts Pdf; Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related. Age Group Coach (level 2) training will focus on coaching athletes in the Train to Train stage of appropriate athlete development. Concentrate on using your best swimming technique. I let them choose a name and they came up with a good one. But, as you should with any workout program, please consult with your healthcare provider before you begin training. 4 x 50 (:20 Swim—Alternate effort by 25s; swim the first 25 at a moderate effort, swim the second 25 at maximum effort. Combination of very young 9 year olds up to older 12 year olds so different intervals for them. by Rick Stacy of the Lake Erie Silver Dolphins The thesis of this article is quite simple: young age group swimmers, those 8 to 10 years old, should be in a program that emphasizes stroke technique and a solid base of aerobic conditioning. We took advantage of having the whole pool today with our 12 and unders today. Perhaps the perfect way to quell their worries is under the veil of 25s… Lastly, we finish with Free sprint establishing tempo right off the wall and finish with UW kick to ensure we have a great last wall. Coach Gordon Brown, Head Age Group Coach, Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut This is another one for my 10-13 year-old swimmers that go 6-days a week for 1-hour & 45-minutes. ], [50 STEADY KICK, THEN FOCUSING ON KICKING HARD IN THE LAST 25], [25/25 – 2ND 25 FLY TRYING TO WATCH KICKING MOTIONS AND HEAD POSITION], [NAIL EVERY FLIP TURN, 3-4 BD OFF EACH WALL! This blog has always been and will continue to be a FREE resource for the global coaching community. And never skip the loosen at the end of the workout. There's anSwim Glossary (50 drawings … Related: age group swim workout plans examples, dry land workouts for swimmers, fun swim workouts for age group swimmers. This swim workout will be fun for some swimmers if you consider hard work fun. About Stacey Kiefer. Good relaxed swimming getting ready for a July 4 th race sprint workout on Saturday. Mike Anzano, Assistant Head Coach, COM Swim Team. This is for our Junior Gold long course swimmers. BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO SWIM HIIT. 4-5 sub kicks with two strokes no breathing at every wall. The purpose of this blog is to be a vehicle for the sharing of ideas among swimming coaches so that we can all get better at doing the job we love. Grab a kickboard and do 100 meters kicking. Swimming Workouts: 40 Epic Practices and Sets for Swimmers. Use that as one last bit of technique work before you leave the swimming pool at the end of the workout. Have coached with four great swim clubs starting at: Southeast Family YMCA, Fort Wayne, IN 1983-87 Fort Wayne Aquatics, Fort Wayne, IN 1988-2003 Mecklenburg Aquatic Club, Charlotte, NC 2003-2007 … They said they really liked it and that it was easy! It’s free, it’s useful, and can help with your coaching today:, Gordon Brown, YMCA of Western Connecticut. The next issue of “the wake-up swim” is coming soon. We did this workout today (July 3) with 9-12 year olds. It’s better (in my opinion) to have short, dense practices that capture physical and mental attention, than longer, more leisurely practices. About The Author. 12 x75 back 25 kick 25 shotgun 25 fast swim @1:15, REPEAT THE 50 set from above but with backstroke and fins fast tempo, 8×25 breast stroke (get stroke count) @35, 5×50 breast with fins @50 stroke count -1, 4×25 free all out coach send off 2 second apart, 5×100 breast with fins @2:00 stroke count -2, NO GLIDE IS ALLOWED IN BREAST STROKE TEMPO. Now that we have covered the basics of dryland workouts for swimmers without weights, let’s have a more in-depth look at each of the 3 main training styles listed above. Every kid has days to shine. Strength training for swimming is not about replicating the work with is being completed in the pool. This workout is designed to take between 75 minutes and 90 minutes. Dryland workouts to develop strength, muscle, and power for swimmers. Butterfly workouts have a tendency to scare age groupers because, well, it’s butterfly. Here is a great set that I did with my advanced 11-14yr olds the other night. The purpose is to show them how far they have come and to build their confidence heading into the championship season. Focus on the rules as you work through it, 1 of our favorite ways to start practice is w/ a good quote. 4 x 50 (:20 Swim—First 50 as fast as you can go, then go each subsequent 50 slightly easier, but never easy! Leg not being used flutters lightly next to working leg. Age Group oach (level 2) Evaluation at a ompetition – a trained evaluator will observe the coach in a competition setting. Focus on fast feet to turn with tight streamlines and fast dolphins. I substitute coach and swim master's. You will only improve by recovering from the workouts you do, not by pushing yourself when you are already exhausted. This workout is designed to take between 75-minutes and 90-minutes. Just like when we do descending work in training! 4 x 100 (:15 Pull—Alternate one 50 easy effort and one 50 moderate effort. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . – Ryan Woodruff, Swimming Wizard Editor and Head Coach of the Lynchburg (Virginia) YMCA, Workouts, sets, and training ideas are always welcome at You control how hard or fast you swim and what swim strokes you want to use while swimming the workouts. Some of the swims are at a swimmer's best effort, and some are easy, and some are in-between. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.