Glock Tool Kit Front Sight Tool Magazine Disassembly Tool Pin Punch 19 17 26 43. Note This tool is perfect to remove and install angled Glock rear sights . The installation tool kit is for Bright & Tough and HD Night sight sets (does not work with Trijicon Suppressor Sights). $14.95. (Rear Sight Tool NOT designed to adjust or install front sights) Made In . It's fully adjustable to accommodate most modern handguns, both front and rear sights. Trijicon® products are known for offering legendary reliability, absolute accuracy and industry-leading technology to shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies and the U.S. military and its allies. WARNING: Specifications. Free shipping. The most discernable shooters in the world—from law enforcement to personal protection—want improved accuracy and precision in any light. Additionally, the new sights might be too tight for your gun's sight dovetail channels, and the clearances are usually adjusted on the sight with a file or stone before installation. I think my non-Trijicon branded one was a little cheaper at Brownell's than I found anywhere else. Let's go over How-To Install Glock Sights with the fastest & easiest method that I use when installing New Sights on a Glock. ENHANCED FRONT-SIGHT ACQUISITION IN BRIGHT, TRANSITIONAL AND NO-LIGHT SITUATIONS. I looked at the Sig website and they show one for a P220, P226, and P227. Please visit our Dealer Locator to find a dealer of your choice. A sight pusher goes a long way toward preventing damage to your sights and slide. Check out Best Glock Sights for some more inspiration. Trouble is it seems all the models on the market DON'T fit the suppressor height sights. M&P sight pusher Anyone have one they are will to rent out? The new Sight Master Sight Pusher Tool is beefier and more robust than any Sight Tool on the market today. Learn how to quickly install new Glock sights without having to buy an expensive sight pusher. We are still shipping product every day, but as we move through this time, we have paused the ability to purchase directly through I've got an M&P 9c (first gen) that I want to replace the sights on with Trijicon. It was designed more for Glocks than anything else and sold as somewhat universal. For factory or aftermarket rear sights with angled sides only. Will the standard Colt sets work on the Springfield handguns. Pistol Aiming Solutions Trijicon ® introduced the world’s first tritium-powered iron sights in 1985, and our team continues to innovate this platform, as many of our irons sights are the first choice of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Glock only makes one front sight, ASAIK, and it's 0.165 high. Was the information on this page helpful? It can be used with all Glock® Models. Make sure that whoever installs them uses a sight pusher and does not beat them on with a hammer and punch ! There are three distinct advantages of this tool: From the Manufacturer The Trijicon GL02 Night Sight Installation Tool Kit helps you easily install Trijicon brand night sight sets for All Glock models. I remember when I was researching it that was asked. Leveraging Jagemann's experience and years of servicing the automotive market, quality is a priority and manufacturing processes are designed for quality, reliable end products. Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for 1911 Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Beretta® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Colt® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for CZ® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for FN America® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Glock® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for HK® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Remington® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Ruger Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Sig Sauer® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Smith & Wesson® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Springfield® Pistols, Trijicon HD™ Night Sights for Walther® Pistols, Find Genuine Trijicon Parts and Accessories for your Trijicon® Sights.
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