To get paint to adhere to wood, you have to sand it, to rough up the surface. Want to paint over the oil paint with latex based. Question: Revarnishing a Door. It just takes a little advance planning. Thank you! I am going out this weekend and buy some spray paint. Sherwin Williams ProClassic isn’t bad. Looking forward to attempting painting a dresser! If you’re also painting the walls, then don’t worry about … Yes, I always paint the trim before the walls. If you use this product, you can easily paint over it. This is such a a great tip. If you’re also painting the walls, then don’t worry about taping since the spillover can be covered up with the new paint. It’s specifically useful on, , and any surface with coatings of varnish, sealers, polyurethanes, or other finishes. Note: This was originally posted February 2015. I’m definitely into wood right now. It’s what we used on our cabinets and 2 years later not a chip or scratch. Open it and stir it to make it uniform. What Surfaces Is Liquid Sander Deglosser Good For? But avoid painting alkyd over uncured natural oil-based paint coats. I have solid oak bookcase that is varnished. Could I use this to strip the exsisting sealer then just add more sealer, no painting? A handy tip when painting is to lay the paint off before it goes tacky for a finer finish. I really want to paint them. Also is there a specific primer to be use or any generic primer works well on the wood. Start by sanding the surface with a random-orbital sander and 150-grit paper. I used to. Best wishes! Thank you so much for any suggestions as I take on these first projects! I tried to restain it but all my efforts went out the door. Before Painting, Sand First. Question: Revarnishing a Door. The Quickest Way to Remove Varnish & Stain Without Sanding. Now I know how to do that. Are these safe to use for lead based white gloss paint on trim? Hi Penny! Always Use a Primer. Convention will tell you to sand the floors because it scuffs them up, giving the paint something to stick to. Remove hardware and take it off of hinges to get all surfaces. Thank you! I’m sure either would be beautiful. And then what paint would you recommend? Many times these type of surfaces have gone many, many years without being addressed and the grime can really build up and no one sees it, therefore no one ever cleans it. How to Paint Over Varnish. Hi Julie! If painting the treads, I’d select a paint with some epoxy. I cannot believe how expensive chalk paint is, but I also don’t feel like stripping and sanding the entire thing just to paint it white. 0. This works on dark wood, light wood, even previously painted cabinets. Oil Bond has been recognized by This Old House as a Top 100 Product, and has been featured on many professional painting contractor websites and blogs. Two methods enable varnished surfaces to accept paint – sanding or deglossing. I love that color and it is so hard to choose once you’re at the paint store. Most of these steps help the paint last longer and look better doing so. I have had it over a month and it is still sitting in the garage So I decided to do some research to find out if I could just spray paint it with out doing any sanding. I’m sorry. Remember it must be a special paint for painting wooden floors. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. The sanding gives the paint a better surface to grip. Two coats later and less than 1 hour, it looks like we have new built-ins installed. To paint cabinets without sanding, you’ll need to use a deglosser to remove any varnish from the cabinets, and prime them to make sure the paint sticks. I’m trying the deglosser next. Paint will adhere to stain, but it won’t adhere to the shiny coat of varnish or lacquer that is often applied over the stain. I would like to paint it white. You can get cheap synthetic brushes at your local home improvement store and then clean them with water since deglosser is a water based stripper. Also what would you recommend for sealing it after the stripping and the white wash? I personally recommend primer then paint, but I highly recommend spraying them for an even finish. Sanding the surface is the most effective, foolproof way to prepare a glossy enamel surface for paint. Now I am at the point should I stain it or paint it . Most of these steps help the paint last longer and look better doing so. This will lay a first layer of velcro-like surface on which the paint will stick. Yes – I highly recommend using this, then priming and painting. Use a fine-grit sanding sponge to get into crevices. It is peeling off when I dig at it with my fingernail. Removing old varnish and stain can give wood a fresh start. Valspar has an affordable chalk paint now at Lowe’s! If you want to know which type of finish is on your piece, apply a bit of acetone. I would only remove the doors and paint them a soft white. He new place looks amazing and thanks to you it was so easy!! Satin? Below are 7 paint projects I’ve completed over the past couple of years, where I painted over stain WITHOUT sanding! My nephew got his first house and the entire family offer old furniture. Oil Bond acts like a liquid sander deglosser and primer in one. I just found your blog and love it! If the cotton ball sticks or the finish softens, it’s varnish, lacquer or shellac. I researched many options (Oh, there are a lot of paints out there!). Maybe a soft pink to coordinate with her room? We moved from NC into a 1979 custom home a year ago in IN and it has all stained trim, I hate it! If you attempted painting over stained wood surfaces without sanding, and without Oil Bond, the paint … The stain itself isn’t the problem. Sherwin Williams will have some great suggestions. Thanks for sharing! It will help with the black flecking also? Can you paint over stained wood without sanding? ©2020 Crown Brand Products. Now, let's see how to paint a wooden floor without sanding... Open the paint you've chosen in your DIY store. It giving it a rough texture without the effort. It just takes a little advance planning. Can You Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding? Remove cabinet doors and hardware to ensure you coat all surfaces of your cabinet. I know, I know, no one likes to sand! =D. However, for the best results, you should use the primer or Oil Bond method to clean the area you want to paint using a rag. If painting oak cabinets to white and I use the deglosser, do you still see the wood grain through the paint?? Then, apply a layer of Oil Bond on to the cleaned surface. To paint over stained wood you have to remove the varnish with either sandpaper or a deglosser. You are here: sanding would have been a long and tedious project. I usually use Sherwin Williams Pro Classic because it adheres well. Paint does not generally stick well to varnish without treating the varnish ahead of time.
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