I camped and fished with friends on a few shady river banks, wouldn’t probably do it now but even kept cool on my Uncles farm swimming in a dirty muddy old dam on the odd occasion to escape an Aussie sizzling hot summers day, I just love it! Their are plenty of pools offering swimming lessons and most will teach self-rescue skills. It may sound simple and extremely obvious but learning how to swim reduces the risk of drowning. Like most sports, learning to swim doesn’t happen overnight, depending on experience in the water and how often they are swimming it can take well over 2 seasons, it’s important to be patient with this one. It is the true fountain of youth. Learning to swim is an important part of primary school education in the UK. LEARN TO SWIM. Despite this, figures show one in three children cannot swim by the time they leave for secondary school. These skills will prepare your child for any circumstance that they may face in the water, and provide them with the lifelong skills that can create a healthy lifestyle, keeping them active in later life and helping them fight against diseases. The Earth is 71% water; which if you think about it, is quite a lot. Often overlooked among swimming skills is the ability to time your breaths. For safety, health and recreation, there is nothing like it. There are also several psychological benefits of swimming. Doctors suggest swimming to patients after surgery because the density of water takes pressure off of their bones and joints which helps them recover without additional pain. 9 Basic Swimming Skills:-1. What I find startling is recently I read in a report written by The National Water Safety Forum, about 381 drownings and water-related deaths occurred across the UK in 2013. In the US on average, every day, 10 people die due to drowning. The essential practice of learning to swim is repetition. This list of sports include: water polo, volleyball, We hope to resume swimming in the new year. An often overlooked basic skill in swimming is the ability to time your breaths. There are huge physical benefits to swimming, such as the full … 5. Swimming is an important sport and should be enjoyed by everybody as it has several health benefits. England was quite the surprise! Here are some amazing benefits of kids learning to swim. In a perfect world, everyone would take lessons to learn to swim. If you master these basic techniques first, you will feel more at ease and relaxed when you tackle the popular swimming strokes. The constant sensation of the water can help to decrease tactile sensitivity that your child may experience out of the water. Swimming is great for overall health. Amazingly, it is the leading cause of death for children 5 and younger; with many of those tragedies happening around the home! The most important thing being you can’t be everywhere all the time to protect your kids so give them the skills around water they need for survival. Learning to swim is important for several reasons, and mastering this skill at a young age can benefit you throughout your life. If you are a novice, it is important to learn a few basic swimming techniques so you can feel safe in the water. During my travels here in the UK I have noticed a very different attitude to swimming compared to Australia. Firstly, they learn the skill, they practice and repeat the skill and finally, be able to demonstrate the skill with confidence. There is a great tendency among swimmers that did not begin to learn the sport as tots to be uncomfortable in water. It was here that I rapidly gained rapport and built trusting relationships with staff, students and parents, about making ‘learn to swim’ a top priority for children. From a cosmetic point of view, swimmers rarely look anywhere near their actual ages. Whether it be oceans, lakes, or pools, knowing how to swim can make life that much more enjoyable and safe. All survivalists should know how to swim. It’s great for kids with allergies and asthma. Swim Strong Founder Recognized as “Make a Splash Hero”. Learning to swim is an important part of primary school education in the UK. On a lighter side, swimming has a lot of benefits in itself: 1. Lifelong learning will help you adapt to unexpected changes, for example, losing your job and having to depend on new skills to find work. Why is water safety... read more, Awareness & an understanding of how Metabolic Health interacts with your health & well-being is important & needs to... read more. In some cases (water polo, competitive swimming and diving, rowing) there are college scholarships available. basic swimming and safe rescue skills, specifically: rescue techniques, how to tread water for 30 seconds, and swim 25 metres. New UK Figures Reveal 381 Drowning and Other Water-Related Deaths in 2013. Moreover, these kids will have access to an exciting and wholly entertaining form of exercise. Arming children with these life-saving skills can have a lifelong immunization like - effect against drowning. However, knowing how to swim isn’t the only thing you need to know. Naturally, these skills will benefit the individual from their academic life into their careers, family lives and into the community as well. It can be also cooking, cleaning, gardening, plantation, and many thousands of other skills that we use in our daily life. Amongst all the technical skills and importance of it all, swimming is a great enjoyment and provides many health benefits not just for children but for adults and the elderly too. For those living in NYC with all of our waterfront communities certainly water safety and swimming skills should be mission number one. There is only a certain amount that the Instructors can do in the water. Floating. Because it takes a laser like focus, self discipline, and the organizational skills needed to multi task so that you can successfully manage your time to swim multiple workouts during the day while going to school, doing home work and in some cases also going to work. The younger you start, the better but it’s never too late to learn to swim. If your child hasn't already started in a learn-to-swim program, now is the time! New figures have suggested that 40% of British children are unable to swim. The instructor demonstrates simple communicating, clear instructions and ultimately, collaborating with parents and fellow swim instructors where the child is at with their swimming. Swimming increases the metabolism and helps energize your body and mind. Socialization: Socialization is essential for the development of kids. Learning new skills is a habit that helps in career, profession, business, and daily life. Here at Swim England, we believe all children should have the opportunity to learn how to swim and be taught how to stay safe in and around water.Many children learn to swim outside of school. It is therefore imperative to make sure children are in the water before they start to develop a sense of fear and lack of confidence. The American Red Cross conducted a recent survey and discovered that nearly half of American adults can not swim (their definition for the purpose of the survey “adults should be able to float or tread water for about a minute. Once you have them, you can explore 32 other water based sports. Thus, it is so important for parents to not interrupt lessons when their child is feeling distressed, crying for “mum/dad” or want to stop the lessons, more so be supportive and encourage the child the benefits of knowing how to swim. If … Avoiding the issue doesn’t help your kids. Unfortunately, to some families it’s not seen necessary, however, realistically it’s time to change this perspective and it needs to be highly addressed. We had a pool in the backyard, holidayed on some of Australia’s most iconic golden beaches, even caught the odd wave! If you're … June 14th - June 24th 2019 is Drowning Prevention Week, so in our latest blog, we're exploring the benefits of learning to swim and why lessons are so important! As a member of a community based swim team advancing through participating as an elite swimmer on a national team, you will learn self discipline, goal setting, commitment, team work, perseverance, resiliency, organizational and leadership skills. Swim Lessons for Adults because you don’t want to sink! I grew up in and around water all my life. Initially, lessons 1-5 might be as simple as bonding with the instructor and just getting the child to sit in the water, feeling comfortable but most importantly feeling safe. A born and bred Aussie, swimming is one of my favourite recreational past times. Before you start kicking and stroking, first learn to float in the water. Swimming lessons often lead to Rookie Lifeguard courses, diving clubs or other water-based activities. Of course, the most important reason you should learn how to swim, is that it is just one of the basic survival skills a person should have in their life. Such as; keeping your heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture. On the flip side, swimming is one of the most beneficial activities you can do ALL of your life! Breathing. Safety, Safety, Safety! Though there are a variety of swimming techniques to use, the most common form is freestyle, where you alternate kicking your legs and alternating extending your arms forward. It’s a skill that will serve you throughout your life. Firstly, they learn the skill, they practice and repeat the skill and finally, be able to demonstrate the skill with confidence.
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