Again, Three line AoE's for each mechanic. Spell is casted at a player. BEST BLU SPELL, PERIOD! In order to learn all 80 spells available at level 60 BLU, you will need to have completed the main story of Heavensward, opened up all three tiers of the Alexander raid, and finished the Hildebrand side story line through up to the Battle in the Big Keep. Like before he repeats mechanics, but not the add phase. Blue Mages often have a wide range of usefulness due to the varied spells they gain. Instant cast. Spell is cast at a player and stuns them. The Ram's Voice + The Dragon's Voice - Required Level: 38 - Acquired: Cutter's Cry. The Blue Mage can be found on the Campaign level The Elven Settlement Even synced with gear your insanely overpowered for all the spell capture content. Spell is an untelegraphed aoe centered on the caster. People like to say that but never keep in mind whether I want to bother solo-trusting or what kind of gear I'm using in the first place. Whirlwind Slash. This spell has some massive range on it. The raw power of being able to literally learn monster abilities and use those moves against them is too much for many to handle. Spell drops meteors onto balances outside the arena and causes the arena to tilt. Do you like Holy's Stun effect? It is part of the The Her Last Vow quest of the patch 2.5 Hildibrandquestline. Spell applies a buff to the caster. So I'll list the Magic, the enemies that have it, where they are, and what you have to do to get it. Do it with a group of Blue Mages, all synced to it and you should learn it from what I remember of changes to learn rate. Press J to jump to the feed. You can't reliably get 2 Knifes off on a second Faze whereas you can get 1 regardless of Faze or Bomb Toss. White Wind - Required Level: None - Acquired: Ul'Dah - Learn 10 Spells. Apanda is a mini-boss just before the final boss. Final Boss. :P. What about Whistle + Faze + Sharped Knife combo? The stun lasts for 6 seconds, I think you can fit 3 Sharped Knifes during that time. In that scenario, Bomb Toss is the clear winner. Denoting S as stable (>0.5 seconds margin), C as close (between 0.5 and 0 seconds margin) and E as edge (no native margin) Faze goes as follows: S,S S E. Bomb has the following pattern: S,E C C. I personally prefer Bomb Toss for a couple reasons. Only is cast when the primary target is in melee range. Pull extra mobs and damage them to trigger the heal. I have fun with my setup even if it isn't efficient. All of these spells should be able to be acquired prior to Level 50. But, unlike Limit Breaks, this can Crit and Direct Hit. Both mobs are turtle dragons. There are multiple mobs throughout the dungeon between the first and last bosses. All of the Primal Spells - Required Level: 20-60 - Acquired: Trials. You will also die if you didn't heal yourself prior to this. Spell is a line aoe casted at a player. Spell is a large telegraphed AoE in front of the Kraken. Cast at the player with highest enmity. Spell is a single target, instant cast on the primary target. Check out an in-depth look at this deck type with mulligans and play strategy via our Big Spell Mage Deck Guide! Most notably, Al Abassi, and Ronso are thought to be innately attuned to this art, simply because of their passive ability to learn from the beasts and environment surrounding them. I personally prefer Reflux now since it's single target with good range + Permanent Heavy effect. Sorry I'm casual, I guess? From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape. They are always in the spell list after they have been learned. They upped it when unsynched but nearly guaranteed it when synced. Main article: Blue Magic These spells cannot be set. Mob spawns toward the end of the encounter with the final boss. Jump to: navigation, search. Spell is a buff casted on theirself. Final boss. The mobs are the first two bosses of KotL and final boss of Brayflox's Hard, respectively. To unlock the Blue Mage, you'll first need to complete two major milestones that shouldn't be a problem for veterans but will take a very long time for new players. Basically, you're trading the 200 Potency from Bomb Toss for 230 Potency for using Faze. The Bomb/Knife combo was your strongest single target move back in 4.5, and it just got significantly better in 5.15. If one is going to hunt for Blue Magic, it is best to have a Beastmaster in the party.The Blue Mage need not live through the attack to learn it, so long as another member of the party finishes the battle alive. Failure to do this is a wipe. It doesn't have the variability of Missile (which you can replace with Launcher for AoE). Pom Cure is your go to heal if you've got Aetherial Mimicry of a healer. Sacred Battle Mage Guide Version 1. Whistle (Off-Guard) + Bomb Toss + Sharpened Knife - Required Level: 50 - Acquired: Wanderer's Palace + Sea of Clouds. -Either the interrupt occurs here, or aqua ball. You will still be attacked, but the first one is also a knockback. I'll be writing this guide like you're starting from Level 1, but a lot of these spell combos require dungeon mobs to have. Unlike other jobs, Blue Mage must select which spells and job traits to go into battle with via the magic menu → set spells. Do you like debuffs? Bomb dies when cast. Instant cast, single target attack on the primary target. Spell is an untelegraphed, unavoidable aoe. Large fiery telegraphed aoe cast in several places consecutively. Instant cast buff applied to Leviathan after the first platform tilt. Bristle increases the next spell by 50% and Song of Torment is a spicy 30s DOT. Giant Explosion: This is also proximity, but you should already be safe due to dealing with rush. The Blue Mage's innate ability, Learning, is what makes the Blue Mage a Blue Mage. It restores HP equal to your current HP, meaning if you use it at 50% or more, you will be fully healed. There are limits to this based on the level of the Blue Mage … Battle in the Big Keep The Lost City of Amdapor: Magic: None: 69%: No. Spell is casted at a player and applies a DoT. If the mob is Stun resistant or immune, you're losing damage. Spell is a tether cast by adds shortly before becoming targetable. And you need at least 3k to finish the encounter. Telegraphed front cone AoE casted at a player. Bomb has a 2 second cast and 2.5 cd, but it also has ~1 second flight time. Untelegraphed circular cone AoE tankbuster on primary target. You'll wipe a lot just due to mechanic fatigue. Spell is a conal aoe casted at every player. This is pretty much your only healing spell on Blue Mage. 20 Recommended) - Acquired: Southern Thanalan. Documentation on how to edit this page can be found at Template:HousingInfobox/doc. B Rank Hunt Mark. Use it when you're almost dead, and well... you're going to die. This is the single target version of the combo above. All added together, this Self-Destruct combo for 4250 Potency which is stronger then a Caster LB2. Glower/[Lightning Slow]. Bristle increases the next attack by 50%, Peculiar Light adds 5% more damage. There is time to do this (Latency may affect this). The second level 60 awards the Mask of Azuro. Reflux (Lightning), Flame Thrower (Fire), Plaincracker (Earth), Alpine Draft (Wind), Protean Wave (Water), Northerlies (Ice), and Sharpened Knife (Phys) all deal the same damage. If the adds trigger failure they will start spamming a -5k MP spell over and over. So, you can get big aoe damage in 3 seconds. You must not move, cast, or auto attack during this. Aetheric Mimicry: DPS). The spell tethers the boss to intercept incoming damage. Unless things have changed, Ifrit is soloable really early. Good luck. I've been asked to update my BLU Guide from 4.5. Blue Mage: Strago Magus Tiring of the melee classes after playing through three of them, I wanted to experiment next with one of the casters, and specifically with one of the most unique jobs in the entire game. Blue mage; Release: 26 July 2011 : Fish is required to get through it. 58: Pom Cure: Furryfoot Kupli Kipp: Thornmarch (Hard) Magic: None: 57%: No. Telegraphed circular AoE cast at a player. You're wrong about White Wind being BLU's only heal. There's a bunch of new healing spells added in 5.15, but they all require Healer Mimicry to be useful. The spell is an untelegraphed, instant cast conal AoE casted at a player. (NOT just Battle on the Big Bridge — keep going!) Gorgimera is the target of the FATE "Go, Go, Gorgimera". Off-Guard + Whistle + Moon Flute + Final Sting, I literally was just adding it when you replied. You may want to bring The Lightning slow for this. It also applies instantly, making your margin on 3rd cast whatever you can get from speed. It deals 50% of the target's current HP and has a fairly high accuracy. I did it around level 30. the change is that synced content gives it 100%, so doing it synched at lv 20 is the easiest way to get it. That was the Blue Mage, a class unique to the Final Fantasy universe. Self-Destruct can be learnt almost immediately and does a massive 1500 Potency to everything around you, and I do mean everything. This is very much an EX trial. -Pyretic. You want as much DPS as possible so you don't have loop mechanics too much. Aqua Breath + Northelies - Required Level: 50 - Acquired: The Dragon's Neck or Masked Carnivale. He will spawn two hands. The spell varies between mobs. That's still one of your possible filler spells. Shooting Star is a strong potential board clear, Celestial Emissary boosts your spell damage, and Astromancer can give you a strong minion if you are carrying a large hand. They are only enabled while you are at the appropriate level, and under the effect of Unbridled Learning. The best part is you can get a second Knife in for 450 Potency. Get this one ASAP. the link brings you to an empty search) then you must create the topic, using the topic naming convention explained here.. A blue mage is a monster only encountered in the battlefield of a Clan Citadel if a member of sufficient rank and permissions places them. 25 Recommended) - Acquired: Central Shroud. Comments from the Finger: While not a 3.5 prestige class that many have played in any respect, the Blue Mage was a homebrew class inspired by Final Fantasy that I absolutely fell in love with. Telegraphed AOE centered around the golem. -The boss will run to the center and either your ions will be the same or different. Following the boss interrupt you will want to position near where there are no tornados. It has a long cast time on it, but until you hit Level 50, it's your highest DPS spell in pretty much every situation. -Big Splash: Diamondback. Enkidu from Phase 1 of Battle in the Big Keep Empuse - Level 59 Azys Lla (x29,y12) Arioch (2nd Boss) from The Lost City of Amdapor: Pom Cure: 58 ★★★ Trial: 50 : Furryfoot Kupli Kipp from Thornmarch (Hard) (WHM Moogle) Gobskin: 59 ★★★★ Raid: 60 : Slipkinx Steeljoints - Rank A Elite Mark in The Dravanian Hinterlands Ostensibly, the Blue Mage is a sorcerer who does not posses inherent magic, but rather possesses the ability to absorb magic cast upon her, either by monsters with magic abilities or simply other casters. Spell is a multi-hit aoe cast at a player. Missile - Required Level: 50 - Acquired: Battle in the Big Keep. Going out into the wilderness and fighting monsters, only to get beaten on and beaten on time and time again, watching the monsters use their att… Ravana is its own, and Sophia and Brute justice share a CD, for optimal dps in a blu group you need to slot both anyway, (Recommend Sonic Boom. The original one-two combo of the Blue Mage unfortunately got a pretty heavy nerf in 5.1. Chimera is the final boss of Cutter's Cry. The Blue Mage is the second Mage Boss you will encounter in the Campaign. Kill AS FAST AS POSSIBLE (I recommend holding primals for this). It also does some damage, and has a Damage Down debuff that doesn't suffer from immunities.
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